Course Features
  • Specification:Web Technologies
  • Education Loan:Available
  • Accreditation:Partnered with NSDC
  • Course:Specialist Program
  • Levels:3 Levels
Course Duration
  • Normal Track    -    24 Months

    2 hours class on alternate days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday (OR) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

  • Fast Track    -    12 Months

    2 hours class every day (Monday to Saturday)

Course Overview

Every year, the number of people using Internet is increasing to twice that of the previous year. Also, the increase in various internet-enabled devices like Mobile, Tablet, PC and TV have turned over a new era in the progress of Web development. These have created the need for a new generation of designers, who can design and program for the Web with knowledge to make it work across various devices. The C-Tech Specialist Program in Web Technologies course has been designed to address this need. This course, trains the students right from the foundation of Web design to designing responsive Websites and Web applications.

Course Level Overview

  • Communicate visually and express artistic values in your creation
  • Practice Digital Photography for visual messaging
  • Create simple graphics and digital publishing content for Web
  • Understand composition, colour and type for better aesthetics
  • Manipulate images to support the Web content
  • Create a Web page after building a right wire frame and by using the right design elements
  • Develop best user interface designs
  • Create animations for interactive presentation and Web banner
  • Develop animated and interactive Websites
  • Understand Web Servers and Web hosting
  • Develop a functional Website by using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript
  • Create responsive Web pages for various internet-enabled devices
  • Develop Web applications after understanding event-driven programming and database management
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization techniques

Course Highlights

  • Introduces user experience design
  • Covers Web design using both visual tools and programming with CSS3, jQuery, PHP, JS, etc
  • Teaches to optimise Web Pages for SEO, which is an important skill for today’s Web Designers
  • Imparts practical knowledge through Industry-Standard Projects
  • Provides a 100% Job-Oriented curriculum that prepares you for Multilevel Job Opportunities

Placement Offered

Having successfully offered skilled professionals to the media industry for around two decades now, Image offers 100% placement in top-notch companies with a good package.

Major Recruiters

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Our Students' Says

Thanks to image for giving me wonderful opportunity in one of the leading media in publishing company. Image adyar guided me to achieve my passion.


I really like the placement process of our Image, everyone is working really hard for all students so that they could get easily placed in best companies.


Think Different, that is one thing that Image Creative Education urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve.

Rasil Dhar Preetham
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