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3D Animation

Specialist Program 3D Animation

Course Features

  • Specification 3D Animation
  • Course Specialist Program
  • Duration 24 or 12 Months
  • Levels 4 Levels
  • Accreditation Partnered with NSDC
  • Education Loan Available

Course Overview

Animation is one thing that attracts people of all age. Apart from using it for entertainment, animation is widely used in education, Medicine, Advertisement, Design, Gaming, and so on. With animations taking its role in various fields, the opportunities in this field have grown rapidly. The C-Tech Specialist Program in 3D Animation program prepares the students towards various creative industries rather than other stereotyped animation courses which caters only to films. This specialization privileges the students towards a career-driven syllabus, which will convert them from an amateur to diligent professionals. The program prepares the students to develop a final show reel that showcases their ability to create great 3D Graphics.

The course is offered in four different levels.

Course Level Overview

  • Level 1:
    • Communicate visually and express artistic values in your creation
    • Practice Photography for learning composition
    • Understand composition, colour and type for better animation look development
    • Work with letters, colours, illustrations, images, and other information to design everything from a corporate logo to a book cover page
  • Level 2:
    • Manipulate images to suit the target application and design specification
    • Develop UI designs and various Web elements
    • Develop Website animations, interactive elements and engaging presentations
    • Develop animations to suit various applications relating to new media, e-learning, etc
  • Level 3:
    • Create 3D objects and simple special effects
    • Understand various Cinematography concepts
    • Effectively deliver a story by utilizing right audio and video editing techniques
    • Render a small animation sequence and convert to any media
  • Level 4:
    • Understand the 3D production pipeline
    • Construct inorganic and organic models
    • Light 3D environments, setup shading networks and render scenes/images
    • Animate 3D characters
    • Control 3D camera and render 3D shots to specification

Course Highlights

  • Trains on effective story telling techniques for animation
  • Teaches the entire 3D Animation production pipeline, from Character creation to Final rendering
  • Covers all techniques including Hyper-realistic modelling and Rendering movie to 3D
  • Imparts practical knowledge with Industry-Standard Projects
  • Provides a 100% Job-Oriented curriculum that prepares you for Multilevel Job opportunities

Placement Offered

Being a leading Animation training institute for over two decades now, Image offers 100% placement in top-notch companies with a good package.

Course Duration

  • Normal Track - 24 Months

    2 hours class on alternate days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday (OR) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

  • Fast Track - 12 Months

    2 hours class every day (Monday to Saturday)

IMAGE offered continuous opportunities until I got the best - Dinesh V.S.

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IMAGE offered continuous opportunities until I got the best - Dinesh V.S.