Certificate course

Graphics & 3D Animation

Graphics and 3D Animation Certificate course

Course Features

  • Specification Graphics & 3D Animation
  • Course Certificate
  • Duration 11 or 5 Months
  • Levels 4 Levels
  • Accreditation Partnered with NSDC
  • Education Loan Available

Course Overview

Well designed graphics and 3D animations greatly help in gaining audience attention and enable effective communication of concepts that are difficult to recreate in real time. This has made their presence very vital in different sectors like marketing, education, medicine, and so on. In India, the Animation industry is approximately valued to be more than USD 500 million, as per CII report. Also, India is the emerging global hub for 3D production.

This Graphics and 3D Animation Certificate course emphasizes on sketching for animation and various animation techniques that would prepare students to seek a leading position in the growing Animation industry. Each student gets to prepare a portfolio that demonstrates his/her skills in modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation.

Course Content

  • Visual Design
  • Digital Sketching
  • Character and Environment Design
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Animation
  • Rigging

Career Opportunities

On successfully completing this course, the students can position themselves in Ad Agencies, Animation Studios, Game Studios and Educational Institutions, as a:

  • 3D Modeler
  • 3D Animator
  • Rigger
  • Lighting Artist
  • Background Artist
  • Simulation Artist

Course Duration

  • Normal Track - 11 Months

    2 hours class on alternate days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

  • Fast Track - 5 Months

    2 hours class every day (Monday to Saturday)

To Las Vegas as a Game Developer was all because of IMAGE - Sameer Mohamed

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To Las Vegas as a Game Developer was all because of IMAGE - Sameer Mohamed