Partnered with Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC)

Partnered with MESC

Image Creative Education is affiliated with the Media Entertainment Skills Council and is one of its approved Training Providers.

All the Image Creative Education training institutes from across the country, function with the utmost aim of providing quality education that caters to the nation's media and entertainment sector.

The Prime Purpose of MESC

  • To conduct skill gap study and develop occupational standards.
  • To initiate skills cataloguing for Media and Entertainment Industry.
  • To determine skills/competency standards and qualifications and getting them noted as per NSQF.
  • To create skills development plan with industry stakeholders, government agencies and NSDC to setup Labour Market Information System (LMIS). To ensure the
  • standardization of affiliation, accreditation and assessment process aligned with NSQF guidelines as determined by NSQC.
  • To identify and create of certified trainers and assessors across the Country
  • To promote Academies of Excellence.
  • To look into the specific skilling needs of ST/SC, differently abled and other minorities. To plan and facilitate the execution of the Training of
  • Trainers Program along with NSDC and states
  • MESC also makes certain that the people getting training and skilling in accordance with the norms laid down are assured of employment at decent wages.

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A Journey Towards Success with Skill India Certificate!

The Indian government established the "Skill India Mission" to improve the workforce's abilities in a variety of industries. Empowering people with appropriate skills and giving them the training, they need to fulfil the changing needs of the labour market is the main objective of this mission. It seeks to close the skills gap between what industries need and what the workforce possesses. This program also aims to boost young job prospects and encourage economic growth.

This is where the Media & Entertainment Skill Council is working towards creating a skilled workforce in the M&E sector with its Skill India Certificate. MESC’s Skill India Certification is a valuable asset for everyone in the Media and entertainment sector. One of MESC's objectives is educating the public about the value of skill development in the M&E sector, which is crucial for staying up to date with the rapidly changing trends and technologies in this fast-paced field.

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MESC facilitates the creation of a skilled workforce for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry by

  • Defining Clear Skill Standards

    Setting industry-specific skill and competency standards

  • Promoting High-Quality Training

    Collaborating with training providers to deliver effective programs

  • Providing Skill India Certification

    Offering recognized credentials for M&E professionals

  • Advocating Skills Development

    Raising awareness about the importance of skill development in the M&E sector

  • Industry Competitiveness

    These efforts ensure that the M&E industry can meet its workforce demands and stay competitive

The Benefits of Skill India Certificate for Professional Growth

  • Govt recognized certificate
  • Recognition of Skills
  • Highlight Professional development
  • Streamlining the Job search
  • Enhance employability opportunities
  • Advancing Career Trajectory
  • Ease in education loan
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