K KUMARFounder & Chairman

Chairman's Note

Technology today has taken a quantum leap. From technology being nothing more than a vision of the future, it has become a part of our everyday life and one of the most coveted careers in the world. As the technology changes day-on-day, so is the definition of the very word.

Today, it's no longer confined to the roles that were expected a decade ago. What makes one successful in technology is the addition of a very key component to it – Creativity. This has now evolved into what is being called Creative Technologies.

More and more companies across the world are looking for technology professionals who can bring in a streak of creativity in their work. They are looking not just for skills but for people who can create, develop and innovate. With this, new job roles are being created and new career paths are opening up.

At IMAGE, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends in the world, which is why we are putting great effort into our Creative Technology offerings for our students.

Our team of faculties and staffs bring decades of experience, along with our panel of advisors who carry international acclaim to their work. With this collaboration, we have successfully trained over 78,000 students and have given them a successful career in Digital Media and Creative Technology. Many years ago, when it was said that the "Future is Digital", there was a certain amount of skepticism. But today, there is no doubt that this is where our generation is headed.

So, as we transform ourselves and keep up with the latest, we look forward to you doing the same with us at IMAGE.

K KUMARFounder & Chairman

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