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Video Testimonial

As my friend suggested me to join Image Creative Education, Kottayam, I enquired about it and joined. Though I came here with not much idea, I found this as the place where I was able to build my creativity and get a career direction. Thanks to Image for making me what I am today.
Prince T Kochumon, Motion Graphic Artist - Olive Media
The training at Image Creative Education helped me get this job as a Video Editor at SHAREit. The faculties at Image helped me make my dream come true. Thanks to Image.
Priskillapeter, Video Editor - SHAREit
I joined Image Creative Education without much idea about the creative industry. I did not know how exactly the field will be and what I would do there. The faculties at Image gave me a thorough insight of the industry. They helped me augment my best qualities. With their guidance, I chose this Editing field and now I am working for a good company. Thanks to Image!
Sanjo P Sebi, Video Editor - SHAREit
The Editor in me was born at Image Creative Education. I am so happy to have this career now at SHAREit. Thanks to Image, Kottayam and the faculties for their best support.
Sanoop Kumar, Video Editor - SHAREit
I joined Image Creative Education with a passion towards the creative field. Image is a very good institution with good teaching faculties and infrastructure. Thanks to Image for providing job-guaranteed courses.
Shijan , Video Editor - SHAREit
I came to know about Image Creative Education through an advertisement. I joined Image to learn VFX. I should say that Image made me improve my skills and taught me to be what I am. I would like to thank all my faculties for supporting me in making my dream come true. Thanks to Image!
Sreekanth , Match Move Artist - BOT VFX
As a person with not much technical knowledge in college, I always wanted to do something creative. The thirst to explore my creativity brought me to Image Creative Education, Kottayam. Image helped me nurture my creativity and taught me how to turn my creative ideas as a profession. I am now happy to have a creative profession. Thanks to all at Image!
Vishnu Mohan, Video Editor - SHAREit
With the efforts made by the faculties and the Placement Cell at Image, I was able to bag a job in the first company that I applied for. Image always provided me the assistance that I required for my overall development and to improve my technical knowledge. I will always be grateful to Image for providing me a platform of practical learning and for preparing me for the corporate life.
Akhil Turly, Editor - SHAREit PVT LTD, Bangalore
Joining Image Creative Education has been the best decision of my career. It immensely helped me develop my skills. The faculty and the Placement department stood by me throughout the two years of the course and helped me getting placed. Thank you Image!
Albin Thomas, Editor - SHAREit PVT LTD, Bangalore
My life at Image made me stronger and took me a step ahead in becoming an independent woman. I am thankful to all the teachers who supported us and took us through the right path throughout our course. I would like to specially thank the Placement Cell for guiding me and providing me a good platform for my career.
Danisha Suresh, Editor - SHAREit PVT LTD, Bangalore
Studying at Image enriched my life. As it is a fact that one’s future completely relies on the career they choose, I am very happy to have got this career. I am grateful to the Placement department who continuously provided assistance in getting this career. Thanks to every faculty member of Image, Palarivattom.
Jani K J, Editor - SHAREit PVT LTD, Bangalore
Image always helps and guides its students throughout the period of a course. During the time of Placement, Image provides classes to build aptitude and technical skills that were of great help in clearing an interview. The Placement Officer also guides and encourages the students at each step of the placement process that helped me secure a good job in such a reputed company.
Javin Antony, Editor - SHAREit PVT LTD, Bangalore  
Image provided us a very enhanced and efficient platform for practical training and placement. I am very grateful to the team for providing us the best of placement opportunities. Thanks for placing me at SHAREit. Thank you Image!
Rahul Simon - Editor - SHAREit PVT LTD, Bangalore
I thank my faculties for their constant encouragement and support. During my course, they challenged and pushed me to be better and creative in my projects, because of which I now have enough confidence to tackle any problem. They arranged many technical workshops and helped me prepare for my interviews; and all of this has helped me secure my dream job. Thank you Image!
Vishnu A R , Editor - SHAREit PVT LTD, Bangalore
I chose to study at Image because I simply could not find any other institution that offered the kind of curriculum and software knowledge that Image offered. Thanks to Image Creative Education, Pathanamthitta.
Adeesh Antony,
The courses offered at Image are very much job-oriented and highly useful for anyone looking out for a promising job. There are good faculties who teach software. The placement is also good. All of us have been placed in good companies.
Akash Santhosh,
Image Creative Education helped me develop my skills and get the best career. Without any second thought, I would say that it was a right decision to join Image. Thanks to Image, Pathanamthitta for providing good placement.
Anandhu B,
Image is a good place for freshers to start their career. It prepares students perfectly for the Multimedia field, which has very good opportunities. Image has good infrastructure and faculty members, who guide us extremely well. As a fresher, I’ve got good experience at Image. Thanks to Image, Pathanamthitta!
Ancy Kurian,
Image helped me develop my technical and creative skills. The institute has highly configured systems and facilities. It provides a very comfortable work space. The faculties were good. Thanks to Image for the quality training!
Anseena Younis,
I am extremely thankful to Image and the faculties of Image who helped me nurture my skill set and made me succeed. Thanks to Image Creative Education, Pathanamthitta.
Arun kumar ,
IMAGE gave the entrepreneur skills to become a Director
- Adithi Jalan