Vinayagar Chathurthi Celebration at IMAGE, Alwarpet

The staff & students of IMAGE, Alwarpet celebrated the “Vinayagar Chathurthi” festival on 29 August, 2014. The celebration commenced with a pooja and followed by a slogam recitation by Ms.Shwetha – C-Tech and a song by Mr. Sivaprasad – Dvm Av defining the celebrations in brief.

For the celebrations, the staff & students of IMAGE, Alwarpet collectively made an artefact of the deity based on the theme “Recycle Vinayagar”. The skeleton (made up of guyline cord and sisal) of the deity was saved from previous year’s celebrations. The deity this year was made of 20 layers newspaper, 3 layers of fevicol coating and finally 20 layers of tissue paper. The whole model was dried for a day and later painted with a layer of primary followed Golden colours. The efforts put in to creating the deity were aptly explained by Ms. Swathi during the celebrations. Finally, prasadham was distributed to all the students and staffs.

Student Feedback

"The abstract Ganesh was the centre of attraction stealing everyone’s attention. The prayer song was pleasing and of course the prasadham was yummy!" - R Prasanna (C-Tech)

"The eco-friendly, semi-realistic Ganesha was a fantabulous creation and a treat to our eyes. A well organised Vinayaga Chathurthi celebration!" - Shwetha (C-Tech)

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