The seminar on “Soft Skill Training” Facing Interviews

Confidently was conducted by Ms. Vani SathyaKumar. "Soft Skill" mainly refers to the way we carry ourselves in a professional environment. It was an informative session with minor details that we generally tend to overlook. For example, Ms. Vani SathyaKumar emphasized that even a communicates a lot while meeting officials.

She highlighted the importance of communication. She also spoke about the dressing style, the body posture, and even the type of walk that one must develop in order to look confident. She emphasized on the do’s and don’ts in an office environment. Finally, she concluded with explaining the appropriate way to negotiate salary and how to handle competition in office without causing an unpleasant situation or letting down the team.

This training helped our students understand the corporate culture and enabled them to portray their confidence during interviews.

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