Sand Sculpting at Marina Beach, Chennai

Sands at the Marina beach, Chennai took a new form on 23 November with the creative hands of students at Image Creative Education, an institute training students in various Digital Media Streams for around two decades now. Around 100 students and 20 faculties, from 5 different IMAGE centres in Chennai, pooled in at the beach by 6 a.m. with the zeal to showcase their sculpting skills and at the same time imprint their social responsibility.

The students then grouped into 4 teams to create sand sculptures representing social causes like ‘Child Labour’, ‘Child Care’, ‘Save Dolphins’, and ‘Deforestation and Save Animals’. The students’ teams piled up sand, poured buckets and buckets of water, seasoned the sand, cut them into cube piles and then started the sculpting work. With the unified work of the students, 4 sculptures of 6 feet took their form in the next 7 hours.

The sculptures, which were an outcome of a 3 weeks plan, exhibited the talents of the students in creating two types of Sand Sculptures: Sand Art and Sand Castle.

The students were able to show such a craftsmanship with the experience they gained from the past activities, like Clay Sculpting and Sculpting using Plaster of Paris conducted at the centres. The meticulous work of the students were appreciated and acknowledged by many people visiting the beach, as the sculptures fascinated them and they found it hard to take their eyes off the sculptures.

The students were overwhelmed with the response from the public and were in high spirits with the personal presence of Mr.Kumar, Founder & Managing Director of IMAGE. The sculptures were nothing less than perfect; and all the credit goes to the adept students and the faculties who have encouraged them and walked with them in all the expeditions.

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