Image students participated in Metamorphix Competition

Saranya - "Although we got very less time to explain our project, I still had a splendid time at Metamorphix. The feedback for my work proved to be quite valuable as the reviewers revealed my greatest strengths and how to improve my weakness. I also gained a lot of exposure which I believe is useful for my career."

Balakumar - "Metamorphix is an amazing platform for fresher’s like us. The reviewers were able to address my dilemmas regarding the subjects. I believe that Metamorphix Portfolio reviews can be a venue where we can get “discovered”.

Meera - "I had a glimpse of how the industry works through the suggestions and opinions provided by the industry experts in Metamorphix. If you are one among those fresher’s who want to get discovered for your amazing work, then this event is just for you."

Kishore - "The industry pundits gave me valuable advice and exposure as to how things function in the design field. Other than that, Metamorphix review is a great place for practicing, enhancing and evaluating our communication skills."

Surya - "Experts from the industry told us how they became successful. They enlightened us on how they got their “break” into the industry and that was refreshing. The industry experts also reviewed our work, therefore highlighting our strengths and weaknesses which I feel will help us the next time in winning Metamorphix or any other event. I thank Image Creative Education for giving us this wonderful opportunity to take part in something as great as Metamorphix."

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