Advertising Design Higher Diploma Course

Advertising Design Higher Diploma Course

In 2014, the digital approach to advertising has been reported as a key factor for the growth of India’s Media and Entertainment Industry. This indicates the rising demand for proficient Advertisement Designers. This C-Tech Higher Diploma course will enlighten you about the science behind advertising and the art that goes into its execution. It covers the expertise and meticulousness with which plans are drawn, the process of ideation, the detailing behind executions, the thinking behind the use of mediums and the firepower that each one of them delivers. Also as part of this course, the students will learn how to prepare their portfolio and how to present themselves as a complete advertising professional.

This course is offered in four different levels.

Course Level Overview

  • Visualize and compose effective presentations
  • Express using Digital photography
  • Work with letters, colours, illustrations, images, etc to create effective designs
  • Create ads for newspapers, magazines and billboards
  • Manipulate images to suit the target ad and medium
  • Develop UI designs and various Web elements
  • Develop ad banners and Interactive ads for the web
  • Develop interactive elements and engaging presentations
  • Create 3D objects and simple special effects
  • Write creative briefs, script a story for production and shoot it by using a digital camera
  • Edit audio and video to emphasize on time and mood
  • Design and develop a television advert
  • Understand the power of each advertising medium
  • Demonstrate the understanding of research methodologies
  • Plan advertising strategies for a product/service
  • Execute campaigns through Print medium, Radio spots, TV commercials and online medium
  • Create online and offline advertising materials
  • Generate advertising ideas specific to each medium and also write advertising copy

Course Highlights

  • Covers both Traditional medias and Digital advertising medias
  • Trains on both advertising fundamentals and production techniques
  • Introduces Web campaign
  • Imparts practical knowledge through Industry-Standard Projects
  • Provides a 100% Job-Oriented curriculum that prepares you for Multilevel Job Opportunities

Placement Offered

Backing 19 years of experience in the Multimedia Education Services, Image offers 100% placement in top-notch companies with a good package.

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