B.Sc. Multimedia Course

B.Sc. Multimedia Course

The 3 Year B.Sc. Multimedia program begins with the fundamentals of Art & Design, which stimulates the creativity and imagination. The curriculum includes Graphic Design for creating effective visual communication and Web Design for creating effective global communication through a Website.In addition, the students are introduced to the 3D concepts including Modeling, Texturing, Animation, and Lighting. They are also taught to master professional Video Editing Techniques.

After gaining a strong foothold in Digital Design, the second half of the program trains the students in Advanced Art, Pre-Production, and Shooting Techniques in order to specialize in Animation & Visual Effects. The most crucial specialization module emphasizes mastery on the industry- standard software along with an equal emphasis in learning the production techniques practiced in the industry. Students develop a comprehensive project after which they finish the degree program with a professional Demo reel preparation.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is three years. The candidate shall complete the program within a period of seven years from the year of admission.

Subjects of Study and Course Content

The first year introduces the students to Visual Design - An extensive hands-on foundation module aimed to stimulate the student's creativity and imagination. The exhaustive Graphic Design module incorporates visualization, concept development, design techniques and composition through design case studies and hands-on exercises. Through Design assignments, students master how to make aesthetic and practical design decisions. The Web Design module helps master the art and skills of effectively communicating to global audience through a Website. The project- based curriculum covers all aspects of creating an effective site including Interactive design and Interface design.

Subject Content
Language Tamil/Hindi/French/Telugu/Kannada/Malayalam (English Prose and Composition)
Visual Design Elements of design, Principles of design, Color Theory, Typography, Composition & layout, Perspective drawing
Graphic Design Digital painting, Collage making, Restoration & retouching techniques, Color & contrast correction, Logo Designing, Digital Illustration, Advertisement designing, Brochure designing, Package designing, Preparing artwork for print
Web Design Web page designing, Optimizing images, Coding in HTML, Cascading style sheets, Site management, Animation using Flash, Action script fundamentals, Sound editing & processing

The Foundation Art module in the second year introduces the students to basics of figure drawing, cartooning and story boarding. The 2D Animation module is designed to introduce the basic concepts of classical animation. The classes focus on hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation and principles of animation. The 3D Design module taught in this year is innovative, project-focused and encourages teamwork, planning and thoughtful execution of a 3D project. Cinematography & Non-Linear-Editing adds interest by exposing the students to video capturing, professional video editing techniques and generating output in various file formats. The Communication Skills module prepares the students to face interviews with self confidence.

Subject Content
Foundation Art Essentials of figure drawing, Proportion & gestures, Construction of human body using basic shapes, Positioning of features proportionately on the face, Figure drawing with costumes, Cartooning, Understanding Storyboard
2D Animation Creating animatics, Principles of animation, Scriptwriting, Basic cartoon phonetics and vocalization, Creating walk cycles, Special effects in Flash
3D Design Introduction to 3D Graphics, Modifying and deforming geometry, Texturing and lighting basics, Rendering techniques
Cinematography & non-Linear
Shooting techniques, Movie titling, Multimedia presentation, Rendering techniques
Communication Skills Introduction to communication, Time management, Motivation, Body language, Interview techniques

The Advanced Art module is a unique module and its goal is to teach a whole new way of looking at the world and prepare for a future in Animation. This is achieved through a series of training and exercises in figure drawing, anatomy and portraiture. Students learn Advanced Modeling techniques to become Digital Sculptors of organic models, explore the software's procedural texturing capabilities, prepare characters for animation by rigging them professionally, apply advanced lighting techniques to create digitally realistic objects and scenes, master camera techniques and provide perfect solutions for complex character animation sequences. The students will also learn the approaches to compositing for film and video. The course finally covers Rendering a scene to take the output to other medium.

Subject Content
Advanced Art Line of action, Essentials of character designing, Developing BG, Walk cycle drawings
Advanced Modeling, Lighting & Texturing Advanced modeling techniques, Advanced Texturing, Natural & studio lighting, Set creation
Advanced Animation & Rigging Character rigging, Character Animation, Facial animation & lip sync, Human walk cycle using non linear animation
Matte painting, Advanced Compositing & Dynamics Digital matte painting, Chroma keying, Wire removal, Rotoscoping, Color correction, Morphs & transition, Advanced rendering techniques, Output to various media formats
Portfolio Development Introduction to communication, Time management, Motivation, Body language, Interview techniques

Career Opportunities

  • Storyboard and Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Layout and Background Artist
  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Compositor
  • Digital Effects Animator
  • Digital Effects Painter
  • Modeler
  • Pre-Visualization Artist
  • Director
  • Instructor
  • Digital Artists
  • Technical Director
  • Visual Effects Supervisor

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